Our company, Street Fruit Juice Ltd, has a large tradition over Europe, especially when it mean to export highest quality like fruit, vegetables and Foods from Italy, Spain and Greece to other European countries.
Our wide portfolio of collaborativo companies includes some ot the most important premium brands, highest quality produce, based in different countries in order to offer and enhance the organoleptic, gustative and natural qualities of products.
We strongly believe that it is small artisan company, which recale tradition and at same time pursue innovation, understood as the search for processing techniques, capable of enhancing the quality profile of the product, that make the difference from an industrial mass product.
Every day, men and technologies work together to give you that little great pleasure of casting a product with a unique taste.
The unique taste, the traditional recipe and the style of our specialties will be felt in every bite.
It will be our great pleasure if you let yourself be seduced and savor our delicious specialties with us. Together wit our fabulous delicacies, let your taste buds savor the traditional aroma and flavor of Italy, Greece and Spain.
Experience the opportunity to know how even a small bite can become a magnificent gastronomia experience, a tasti combinato of freshness, originality and tradition.

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