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Street Fruit Juice


SFJ Ltd is a registered trademark with more than 40 years experience in the fruit and vegetables import/export industry to Europe and abroad, taking care of the forniture of the large-scale distribution. It’s part of a holding, together with other offices in Italy, Czech Republic and further countries.

The company comes from a family tradition that initially took care of the production of fruit and vegetables, and that gradually raised to accommodate the new commercial system, big supermarket chains and customers needs.

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Our strength is providing the best products on the market at very competitive prices, without ever neglecting the importance of a good service. The company is deep-rooted in the Mediterranean basin and abroad, where has spent years to build strong relationships with big enterprises for the purchase of high quality fruit and vegetables.

Our suppliers follow the european Integrated Product Policy, referring to the residue percentage of fruit treatments and the use of chemical products. All these companies are certified Global Gap, BRC, etc

According to a market investigation, in the last ten years there has been a gradual growing interest in the consumtpion of healthy food and physical wellbeing. Thanks to the great quantities of vitamins, mineral salts and fiber contained, natural products bring important benefits to our organism: they’re depurative, increase our energy, stimulate weight loss, reinforce immunity system, improve the skin’s appearance, excrete toxins and protect free radicals, they reduce cholesterol, improve blood circulation, and much more.

Street Fruit Juice Story


SFJ Ltd started developing  the project in 2019 supported by a business plan, deciding to bet everything on the concept of innovation with the purpose of differentiating itself. The breakthrough begins from the use of seasonal fruit and vegetables that stand out for high quality, taste and freshness.

The 90% of our juices is made of fresh fruit, peeled and enjoyed on the spot. The remaining 10% is composed by natural products such as ice, whole milk without lactose, almond milk, coconut milk, yogurt and other ingredients that customers can choose.

Adding chemical items, frozen juices or any other ingredient that might alter the product’s naturalness is strictly forbidden.

SFJ Vehicles


SFJ Ltd offers a simple but innovative idea: the street food concept, which has recently encountered an incredible success in Europe and is able to satisfy either simple or sofisticated palate.
SFJ Ltd has created, in collaboration with Piaggio and one of the most important companies specialized in the vehicles modification industry, a personalized Ape in italian style, with a lively and attractive design, which does not go unnoticed.

This enables us to place the vehicle in strategic points where there’s a continuous coming and going of people and tourists, saving on costs like utilities and rent, investing at the same time on a business that sees an annual growth of the 20%.

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The company started from the ambitious idea of a young couple with a thirty-year of entrepreneurial experience. It was born in Italy in the 90’s, dedicated to both the production and wholesale marketing of fruit and vegetables.