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SFJ aims to combine the “street food” concept with the ones of “health”, “well-being” and “respect for the environment”.

Make the difference and give an edge to your enterprise with Street Fruit Juice vehicles!

Stylishrefined and with a vintage twist, they’re the innovative proposal you need!

The project


Street Fruit Juice is a registered trademark in Europe.
The owner of our company personally participated in the vehicle project, obtained by modifying a Piaggio Ape, and used his thirty years of experience to create a vehicle that was at the same time beautiful, lively, functional, comfortable and with a reasonable cost.

AperiJuice is part of the endowment that Street Fruit Juice makes available to its affiliates with an advantageous formula, suitable for those who want to change their lifestyle by becoming an entrepreneur without taking risks and with a project capable of offering a high ratio between investment and earning.

Street Foody on the road

Street Foody and its friend

Meet Our AperiJuice


If you take a walk in Sliema, next to the Morgan Cruise ferry stop, you may notice an unusual white vehicle, customized with bright colors.

Our AperiJuice has been designed to capture attention and to convey a very clear message: fresh fruit, even exotic, carefully displayed.

Those who are walking around Sliema will then be able to taste a smoothie, a juice or a centrifuged, all made with the freshest fruit and vegetables, of the highest quality, the best products on the market.

All smoothies are made from 100% fresh fruit, so full-bodied that the pulp can hardly pass through the straw.

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