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Street Fruit Juice Summer 2021

The new season starts again with Street Fruit Juice smoothies and centrifuges, from March 2021 you can find us in Sliema! 

The first franchise shop of our company with a registered trademark.
If you also love healthy food and feel that a radical change in how we eat and the impact our consumption has on the environment, do not hesitate, come and visit us and you will personally see that our smoothies are made at the moment with high quality fruits, fresh and without the addition of chemicals.
Our company is Plastic Free and all fruit waste will be delivered to local farms that will use it as animal food for a zero impact on the environment.
Come to admire and taste our fruit compositions, to drink smoothies and centrifuges directly from the fruit shells to feel all the goodness and aroma of our products at the lowest prices, we are waiting for you!
If you want to join us and become the manager of one of our Franchising stores and be your own Manager, contact us.
For info send your request to:
+356 99695309

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